vineri, 11 februarie 2011

Gypsy or Rroma minority in Europe want to change their name again and they want to call themselves as “INDIROMA” minority

The Rroma minority that lives in many European countries are called like Cigano, Gitan, Gitanos, Gypsies, Zingaro, Zigeuner, Tsigan, Cigan, Ţigan or Rroma with one or two “r”. After the change of name from “Gypsy” to “Rroma” at the beginning of the 90’, now, more and more people propose other changes. For instance, the representative of the Rroma (Gypsy) population into the Parliamnet of Romania, Nicolae Paun proposed that the names “Gypsy” or “Rroma” should be abandoned and “Gypsy” population should adopt the name “Indiroma”.That rationale is based on the fact that the Gypsy population is originated from India and this term “Indirom/Indiroma” would be more appropriate for a correct understanding of their culture and origin.

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