vineri, 11 februarie 2011 Romanian Senate rejects ‘Roma’ word change and the return to ‘Gypsy’ in official documents

Although the Senate committees approved replacing the term ‘Roma’ with ‘Gipsy’, the senators rejected a draft bill proposed by the Democrat-Liberal Deputy Silviu Prigoana, under which the word “Roma” would be changed and return to the word “Gypsy” in official documents. The majority of the senators who took the floor, both from among the ruling coalition and the opposition, stood against the document of Prigoana. Law Commission Chairman Toni Grebla considered that the ethnic denomination in question cannot be decreed as such, given its members bear their historically inherited name anyway. Grebla said that the matter at stake is rooted in the 1990s law under which the word “gypsy” was changed into “Roma”.


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